Eliane Zakka
PhD student (co-supervision)

Early development of Dictyota dichotoma (co-supervision with Olivier De Clerck, Ghent University, Phycology Research Group).

Eloise Dries
Master student (dissertation)

Master student (Erasmus Mundus, Wageningen University & Research) at Ghent University, Phycology Research Group (2023-2024) working on early development of Undaria pinnatifida

Sarah Wurzel
Master Student (dissertation)

IMBRSea Master student (2023-2024) working on circalunar release periodicity in Dictyota dichotoma (cosupervision with Andrés Ritter, SBR, CNRS)

Iara Tubal
Master student (internship)

IMBRSea internship at MPI Tübingen

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