Python script for Orthology Guided Assembly of transcriptomes according to Ruttink et al. (2013)


Please cite:

  • Ruttink, T., Sterck, L., Rohde, A., Bendixen, C., Rouzé, P., Asp, T., … & Roldan‐Ruiz, I. (2013). Orthology Guided Assembly in highly heterozygous crops: creating a reference transcriptome to uncover genetic diversity in Lolium perennePlant biotechnology journal, 11(5), 605-617.
  • Bogaert, K. A., Beeckman, T., & De Clerck, O. (2017). Two-step cell polarization in algal zygotes. Nature plants, 3, 16221-16221.

Dependencies: Python (2.6 or higher), Biopython, ncbi-blast+ (version > 2.2.26), pysam, …