This page only relevant for Biology Department users of the servers and It gives an overview of the server usage of last month in order to give a more accurate estimate of the availability of server time of and at the Biology Department, UGent and is an attempt to gather other useful info for the users.

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Important note: each month each user should get an overview per server. If you do not receive these messages, something is wrong with your spam settings of the settings at the server end and you may not get important messages (on data clean-up) that are sent to the mailing list. Please contact in this case.

  • RAM: 64 GiB (max: 64 GiB) DDR3-1600 RDIMM
  • CPU: 12 cores – 24 threads
  • HDD: 6 TB (HD3), 547GB (HD1), 275G (HD2)
  • OS: openSUSE 13.2

RAM usage (max. 64):

system load (CPU)*:

*(24 represents optimal usage, <24 the server is partially idle, >24 the server is overloaded)

  • RAM: 320 GiB (max: 384 GiB) DDR4 2133 REG-DIMM
  • CPU: 12 cores – 24 threads (2x Intel Xeon E5-2620 v3 2.4GHz,15M Cache,8.00GT/s QPI,Turbo,HT,6C/12T (85W) Max Mem 1866MHz)
  • HDD: 18 TB
  • OS: Ubuntu 16.04 LTS (Xenial Xerus)

RAM usage (max. 320):

system load (CPU)*:

*(24 represents optimal usage, <24 the server is partially idle, >24 the server is overloaded)